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Focusing on positions and speed when it comes to the snatch before we restart with the hang power snatch in June of the next 2 weeks.

Murph Details below:

Details regarding Murph, which is this Saturday, starting at 9:30am.

***Your Shirts and Tanks have arrived. Please make sure to pick them up when you arrive at the gym this week***

Starting at 9:30am is the Opening Ceremony for Murph.

- 1st Heat is at 10:00am

- 2nd Heat is at 10:30am

- 3rd Heat is at 11:00am (if needed)

You must “RESERVE” on the ZenPlanner App or through the “Member Portal” online for whichever heat you plan to do. There are 20 spots each heat. Friends and family are welcome to join. (Videos attached on how to reserve)

If you plan to bring any friends or family that are not members, please have them fill out the “Get in Touch” section at the bottom of the website

Post Murph Potluck/BBQ/Pool at Luis’s House will start at 2:00pm. Everyone is invited (that includes the little ones)!!!

This will give people time to change and grab whatever they need before heading over.

***Remember to write down on the whiteboard what you plan to bring***

Thank you guys and looking forward to seeing you at the gym's 2nd Memorial Day Weekend Murph!!!

If you have any questions please feel free to email back or ask me when you see me in person.

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